Graveyard Shift and Just After Sunset

By Link
United States
May 22, 2010 5:24pm CST
I finished these relatively recently. I know they are older Stephen King books, especially Graveyard Shift, but I never got around to reading them. I thought there were some good stories in Just After Sunset, but I really liked more stories from Graveyard Shift. I didn't realize how many movies were inspired by his short stories! I knew about Children of the Corn, and I knew that there was a movie called Graveyard Shift but I hadn't seen it in so long I forgot what it was about. So anyway, like Lawnmower Man is nothing like the movie (I think I read that King sued the people for using his title ). Though the story was absolutely nuts lol. Something I love. Makes no sense or rhyme or reason and is just there to shock the crap out of you and make you go "what the hell?!" His other story "The Cat from Hell" was like that too. I mean I loved it, thought it was crazy. I read it to my mum and she was not pleased lol. Anyway, great stuff, King can hardly do wrong or write anything bad. I believe his books are always better than the movies turn out, and I'm sure they will make a movie about The Dome (which I absolutely DEVOURED!).
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• United States
27 Jun 10
I read Just After Sunset...I didn't like all the stories in it, but the one's I did like I absolutely loved (The Gingerbread Girl was one of my faves). I'm not sure if I read The Graveyard Shift yet...but I believe I have it. Have you read Everything's Eventual? That's another collection of his short stories. There was another collection of his I've read, but I'll have to wait until I get home to see what it's called. Oh my gosh I LOVED Under the Dome, couldn't put it down. I hope they do make a movie about it, but I hope they do it right!!! If they stick to the book, and get good actors, good graphics--then it could be AWESOME! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it! lol