how to write a cute funny romace novel?

May 23, 2010 5:38am CST
soo...i want opinions on how to write funny romantic has to be lively and plesant..should be able to make the reader happy and new in this field soo i want few opinions..plesae do help....
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23 May 10
A selection of strong characters, based around one main character. You shouldn't have too many characters in the book as this will confuse the reader, also use simple names nothing long or "different" as this will also confuse the reader. PLAN the book well, this can take a good few months to make a good plan, but you should know when you start the book what is going to happen at the end and each chapter should be planned. Have a good range of events happening in the book, this will keep it interesting for the reader. Ensure there is a clear beginning middle and end!! Use a Prologue and Epilogue in the story, an Epilogue of 18 months on for example is a good way to go, with just a chapter or so long of what happened next, this means the reader KNOWS the story is over. Research the book, if you are writing about a "place", make sure you go there, take photo's so the description is accurate and "takes the reader" there. Maybe base (very loosely) characters on people you know, or a mix of people you know (your main charatcer may be a little of you a little of your friends etc), this makes them easier to write about. Make sure you have a backlog of information about your characters, each need their own story, even if this never comes into the book, as it gives them a background and a depth! Write a few paragraphs about each character, their birthday their siblings, their parents, where they were born, married/kids? etc etc Make sure you have a clear audience, is your book going to be for the older generation, is it going to be chick lit for the young to middle aged, is it going to be a book for young adults? This will make a difference to the writing style you use. Be sure to set adise TIME to write your book, a book can take years to write, and you need to be commited to it, put at least an hour a day aside to write your book, somewhere quiet to write is essential, with NO distractions!! When you have written a few chapters, try sending it to a publisher to get their advise on the book, many won't be willing ot take it from you, but you should find someone to read it, this is a good idea as they may even decide to buy the rights to the book before it is even finished, giving you a cash advance, though this is unlikely, it is always a possibility! It can be hard and disheartening to write a book, as it can take so long, and you can hit many obstructions, mental blocks etc, but you have to try and work through them! Maybe try not telling anybody you are writing a book until it is almost finished this way you won't feel pressured into completing it by family and friends! Maybe email some writers and get advice from them. A creative writing course can be a good idea, you can go to night schools for this, and they don't tend to cost much money to go on and can make all the difference!!! I hope this helps! :)
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@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
23 May 10
like the post above, you should read novels to create one. you must study their styles how they portray and such one of the hardest thing to do. but they say that the first few lines is the hardest. Also you can try this, finish your novel in one go, write everything that comes to your mind, like different scenarios in one scene and such. Nevermind the grammar mistakes, spellings and such. write what comes in to your mind. i have tried it myself kinda worked but it is still not finished or will it ever be.... have just tried to write what i am thinking
@Transformed (1262)
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23 May 10
The way to use humor in fiction is to think about the events that get people to laugh. Observe others and hear their discussions and hear what they find funny. As for the romance, read a few novels in that genre and see what parts of the book that seem better written or more enjoyable and note why.
• India
23 May 10
im sure u must have read great novels the only thing behind every great novel is the authors ability to get ppl involved in it just try doin it it works wonders