For marfried couples only.

United States
May 23, 2010 9:34am CST
Who is the boss in your house hold? who does the shopping? who manage the finance? In my house I am the boss , I am the king. Because right now I am happy single therefore there is no one to tell me how live my life. Ok how about you?? be honest, thanks
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@med889 (5958)
23 May 10
Usually we both do shopping because I have put a law at home which says to take part in every work at home so he accompanies me for shopping. We both finance so there is no such problem of finance with us. Then yeah I do the households and he is like spoiling things around in the house so he gets a scolding from me and then everything goes back to normal till he again do something similar like this. He likes to yell though and sometimes we both do commitments and if you want a relationship then you should prepare yourself to make commitments in life.
@Baluyadav (3644)
• India
23 May 10
hi,there is no meaning for boss in my family.....we act according to the situation and boss post will be played by both .....