All Of A Sudden- Multiple Ads Each Day!!!

United States
May 23, 2010 11:12pm CST
Hey Hits4Pay members, check your account if you have not logged in for awhile. Several days over the last two weeks, I found multiple ads waiting for me when I logged in. It was so good a few days this week, that I checked 2 or 3 times each day, and found ads waiting for me each time. I had 4 straight days this week with 3 or more ads, with the best day at 6 ads. One of my referrals had 7 ads the same day, and even 1 of my referrals (from overseas!) had 4 ads that day. I made 23 cents that day, which is probably more than I made in all of April. Get back on it Hits4Payers...don't give up that free $10!!
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• Canada
25 Oct 10
That is what I did. I finally gave up that free 10 dollars. I forget how long it was going to take me to reach payout. I was a member for maybe 2 years and had not reached payout. So I quit. They could have there measley 10 bucks. They were sure going to make me earn it any way. I actually thought they disappeared and now today here on MyLot I see there name mentioned a few times. I sure do hope everyone is getting paid and that it isn't taken years to reach payout. Oh and then I do hope everyone gets paid. I am sure they must payout sense the company is still around.