GODS grace

May 24, 2010 5:18am CST
Our best days are never so good we are beyond the need of GODS grace Our worst days are never so bad we are beyond the need for GODS grace Like the old saying goes"hard times drive to us to our knees where we belong".When expeirancing hard times always believe GOD is there,HE loves you.Take your cares to HIM and leave it in HIS loving hands.HE is all wise and knows best how to help you. Sometimes I prepare for a class and think it is going to be a breeze.Then when giving the lesson it bombs bad.I close my eyes and just say "Okay LORD I need your guidence.YOU take over" Most times those end up being my best classes. Sometimes when everything is going good I tend to forget about spending time alone with GOD.HE doesn't seem as important anymore.I hate those times which is why I prefer the hard times.We are closer together.I love HIM and never want to take HIM for granted. Have you ever had a bad day ,turned it over to GOD and it turned out great? Have you ever been so secure you drift from time with GOD? Every morning I begin my prayers thanking GOD for all the wonderful gilfts HE has given me. Do you do that? Thank you for taking the time to read this artical may the sunshine of GODS love bless you today and every day
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