Can anyone make REAL money at online gambling?

United States
May 24, 2010 9:06am CST
I love to gamble and I always dreamed of being able to just sit at my computer and bring in the big bucks. But so far I just keep losing or breaking even. Maybe I am just doing it wrong. I use Sportsbook mostly and I love it but are there any better ones or ones that pay more out there, if so I would like to hear about them and your experience with them.
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• Israel
24 Jun 10
To be frank, I don't think you should rely on an online casino to make "real" money. The point of gambling isn't to make the big bucks - it's to have fun and enjoy the thrill. The universal law dictates that the house always wins - or at least mostly wins, otherwise why would anyone open up a casino? But just FYI, I also love online gambling. I use
• United Arab Emirates
25 May 10
I have heard about online poker and i read about it today on a friend's blog. It's true you could earn bu playing online casino but i don't know any site. Try searching. Good luck
@2EarnMoney2 (1163)
• United States
25 May 10
Online gaming, gambling or sports betting it doesn't matter which you choose, regular profit has way more to do with what you don't do at the "betting location" then what you do at it. Preparation, patience and bankroll management are the three keys to regular profit. Doing your homework to minimize your loses while keeping steady amounts flowing in. Keeping at it is truly the hardest factor,even more so when you work alone. Keeping at it day to day when you experience some losing streaks or minimal gains is tough. Learning to manage your bankroll is the easiest thing to do, but often so overlooked or easily compromised that it can be the toughest issue for some. Making sure to not bet usually more then 1% of your BR on one particular bet can be tough. For some it's even harder because when you start with a BR that's low your wins/losses won't affect your daily life for a long time. As to the actual question, about "Real" money gambling. Of course you can, I'd recommend doing some searching, see what top pro's in your particular field make. What type of bets are they making, what do they avoid, etc etc. If you wanna do something like gambling for money, watch the best people, learn, test, and perfect your methods best you can.
@evacze (12)
• Hungary
25 May 10
did you hear before free betting where you can place bet for free without deposit and you can win cashable money right to your paypal? If anybody wants to know more information just be my friend and I will send the rest.
@magtibaygom (4863)
• Philippines
25 May 10
Never leave your money at the table. Once you have recovered your initial money, tuck it hard in your wallet and just play with the money you have won. If you lost them, go home with the money in your wallet intact. That's what I've learned from playing in a nearby Hotel Casino here.
24 May 10
I'll give you an advice never gamble cuz the house always wins and u will get addicted to that and end up losing alot
• United States
24 May 10
Online gambling is just like gambling in a casino. There are going to be the occasional few that make some money at it but for the most part people are going to be in the same boat you are. They will either break even or lose. If it is a legit online gambling site, they must list the odds of winning.