Why do white people hate mexico so much?

May 24, 2010 3:16pm CST
I was reading an article on net where this was written that white people hate mexico.is it true and what is the reason behind that.
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@amko1of1 (69)
• United States
24 May 10
wow try not to make it sound so racist. I am White and from a very conservative state in the U.S. and I feel that the border should be closed off better. This isnt due to a hatred though, its based on economics and a personal feeling that illegal immigrants are breaking the law, hence the word illegal. Now while some people may hate Mexico it is not the common belief that most white people hate Mexico, that just is wrong.
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@marguicha (86190)
• Chile
27 Jul 12
Although it seems that this post is outdated, I think that in itself it´s not well worded. I would say: Why do "some" US citizens hate Mexico (or mexicans? I´d like to point out that Mexico´s population is 56% of european origin. That mexicans are not "white" is part of an ill concept based on ignorance. But even if we leave out the mayority, the white population, let´s not forget that some of the biggest civilizations in the american continent took place in Mexico. And that Ciudad de Mexico (it´s capital) is the biggest city in the world.
• United States
24 May 10
I am white and I do not hate mexico or mexicans. It is true we do have boarder issues, but to say white people hate mexico, Well not this white boy.