don't know how to use the washing machine

May 25, 2010 2:29am CST
I had a funny experience this morning when I attempted to wash my clothes with the washing machine, only to found out I didn't know how to do it. I needed to wash my clothes since it's accumulated when I suffered my eczema condition. I used to wash my clothes by hands but my condition would not allow me to touch chemicals and over exposure in water anymore. I just ignore that washing machine at the side, only my mother used it frequently. For the first time I tried to used it, it's complicated. So I read and re read the manuals, good thing I found the right trick. How about you, do you have funny experience in washing clothes? While writing it's still doing the washing.
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@evepin (723)
• Philippines
25 May 10
we have this kinda-hi-tech automatic/digital washing machine so i just press put the load, the detergent, and softener then press go and i can just leave it till its done! never had any problems before, fortunately!
• Philippines
25 May 10
ours is also automatic and digital. I did the same. I just finished washing upon writing this response to you. Tomorrow I will continue washing more clothes.
28 May 10
When I was a child we never had a washing machine, so I remember seeing my parents handwashing everything, and one day I decided to be helpful, so took out a bunch of clothes from the washing basket, put them in the sink, put an entire box of washing powder in there and some washing liquid because I thought it would create more bubbles, and it did, lots of bubbles! So after just swirling them around in the water I just pulled the plug and put everything on the heaters. This all happened when my parents were in bed, so when they got up, they saw soaking wet and foamy clothes on the heaters (I hadnt rinsed them out or drained the water out of them) and not only that but obviously I didnt know about seperating colours, so some whites were now a different colour lol! Luckily they saw the cute side as I was a child and was trying to be helpful lol!! These days whenever I see a washing machine that Im not quite sure about I always select option E, because thats the option on mine so I assume that it works for all, if theres not letters then I just choose the first option as I figure it will just give it a full spin lol!! I dont worry if Im not quite sure about it, as long as I choose one option then I know my clothes will get washed.
@madteaparty (2761)
• Japan
25 May 10
Well, there's nothing difficult about using a washing machine, unless yours is one of those super modern with many buttons and lights that looks more than a UFO than like a washing machine . I have always used the washing machine, so if I had to wash by hand I'm not sure if I would be able to do it right