Do you want to suggest anything for a better myLot?

@Danzylop (1120)
May 25, 2010 3:33am CST
I found a topic regarding a certain feature of mylot. The topic starter was complaining about a photo he was able to view but not to comment on it. he was unhappy about it. It just came to my mind if somebody else has a little suggestion about myLot. You can also post certain feature of myLot and discuss about it whether you hate or like it.
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• Philippines
25 May 10
Hello Danzy, Well, you can't just comment on some one else's photo unless you add that person first. uhm. i don't think discussion mylot rules or something you shouldn't be disagreeing is allowed, but you can tell that to the admin, am not sure. but the last time i objected into something, it got deleted. what i hate are trolls, so basically rules do me a favor.
@Danzylop (1120)
• Philippines
26 May 10
got to review the forum guide.. hhmmnn i might violated it but i dont intend to. I just like to discuss if people are contented or they do want to suggest something.