being happy

May 25, 2010 5:45am CST
What according to you is the fool proof method to be happy? Every one wants to be happy. All our actions are directed towards this end. But each one finds a way to be happy which is different from what another one seeks.This is because the meaning of being happy is different for different people.Some find it making money, some find it in being in love, and so so on. Yet sorrow sets in and disappointment looms large at the most unexpected turn.There is no guarantee that one can always be happy, no matter what means one chooses. As for me I think perfect happiness is not possible in this world and may be we can be as happy as we are close to God. Small joys that we have now and then go as they come . Joy of this world is something like intervals of sadness.
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@med889 (5958)
10 Jun 10
To be happy in life one should have positive thinking, because it leads to the ultimate success in life, till one thinks positively then he will never find something very wrong so he will not experience sorrows too and pain also as his positive thinking tells him that whatever happens happens for the best.
@mzbaybe (91)
• Canada
28 May 10
sitting on the porch, and smoknig a bowl with someone who has good conversation skills can lighten up everyday
@emjsar15 (140)
• Philippines
26 May 10
The true meaning of happiness for me is the peace that God has given me. It's more than the materials things that man desires to have, it's money cannot buy. When you have peace in your heart, sadness, fear,disappointment and other negative thoughts are not permitted to enter, only love and happiness that flows. So,even though i am facing trials, i am at ease and you will see the happiness within me.
@cip116 (1011)
• Romania
25 May 10
I have seen people who do not want to be happy. They envy everyone,they have very few friends,are always selfish and unhappy. That equals negative emanation. Every day we must to enjoy the simple things ,for us ...but especially for other people
@mtvmtv (600)
• India
25 May 10
Hi, That is true.Disappointments and sorrows are always with us.Because things can't go right always.And that makes us unhappy.Our expectations are always high with the life and others.When they are not being fulfilled we become unhappy.So we must be able to make our self happy in any circumstances.
@zhangxia (87)
• China
25 May 10
okay ,lets make some joy .and make them into pieces .then pack them in a airplane .the plane brings them into the haven .angels are just waiting for it .they pick them and sprinkle them down the sky .so ,if you look up the sky occasionally ,you will found the joy ,the gift .
@evepin (723)
• Philippines
25 May 10
well, i read somewhere that happiness lies not on having what you want, but more on wanting what you have. i believe in this because if you are not happy with what you have right now then contentment will always be far away. sometimes we equate happiness with the material possessions, but i think one becomes truly happy when he is detached from material obsession. i find happiness in my family, when they are in good shape, when all of us are content. i also find happiness in love. most importantly, i find happiness in the fact that God blesses my life (and others too) each and every day that comes.
@kheigh (216)
25 May 10
true that there isn't any fool proof method to be happy but the closest to it is appreciation. if you know how to appreciate what you have instead asking for more then you can be happy easily. at least that's what i think.