Pablo escobar cocaine and modern life Just another bill gates

May 25, 2010 7:01am CST
Well i recently watched a program about the life of pablo escobar.For those that dont have a clue who this person is he is a columbian and was infamous for at point point in the 80's supplying the west with at least 80% of the cocaine used at this period of time. Ok so not to polish him in a brilliant light be accused of being a voice box for this man he also murdered two politions plus his gang was part of many bombings etc. So what i want to know is this was pablo escobar just another bill gates richard branson or donald trump. He saw an opening in the market and used it to his advantage to make money for his family much like bill gates did with windows etc. Not also this he didnt just squander it on him self he helped thousands of columbians out of little tin houses into brick house with proper water/electricity and waste facilitys also sent up hundreds of football arenas to help teenagers out so is it right to say he is an evil horrid man a scar on the world or just another business man looking to exploiate a new opening in the market. Before you post think about this for centurys people have chewed cocoa leaves (what cocaine comes from) They had no problem with it they didnt go smashing peoples faces in and going on drug fueled rampages and didnt get into debt. So maybe its the west's greed and need to put a price on must have stuff that has caused so many of todays problems associated with drugs ? Its like another example the brtish armed forces trying to stop afgan farmers from growing poppys and make them grow wheat and maize etc but for a feild full of poppys you get 400 dollars where as a feild full of maize you get 150 dollars. So this farmer has to support his family so does he choose to do it in poverty or in comfort. After all we ran into there country ramming democracy down there throats along with capitalism so doesnt the west say make the quickest buck for the least amount of effort so in this case the farmer is just following what hes been told. After all he doesnt choose that his crop is made into hoerine etc Any way your thoughts and veiws on this
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25 May 10
Before I leave a 'proper' answer on this question, I am going to do a little more research and ponder on it!! I'LL BE BACK