I am PROUD to say "I LOVE YOU" to..(indicate the name of your special someone :)

May 25, 2010 6:48pm CST
Be proud to the one you love.. it can be your parent,sister,brother,grandparents,best friend,boy/girl friend, etc. COMMON MYLOTTERS!! BE PROUD! :) okay..i will start it.. I am PROUD to say I LOVE YOU to my MOM & DAD, for taking good care of me since birth! To my SISTER, who always there for me.. who I can share all my problems & secrets :) To my brother, who trained me how to be emotionally strong and brave.. And to my friends..who are true to me since from the start :) I LOVE YOU ALL GUYS!! (cry)
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@Fireheart (683)
• India
26 May 10
love thought - hold hands till death we part
Thats the best thing you could say to express your feeling, dont let the one who love you down. Understanding ones feeling and the happiness you got from people who loved you,never stray from your track of this thought of how you came up, the ones who raised us to live in this world without their guidance we would be nothing,i have nothing much i have my family to love and my friends more than anything even that means killing me i would never leave them.
• Philippines
27 May 10
nice... very emotional my dear.. :)
• Jamaica
26 May 10
I am proud to say that I love Sherese Samara Henry. I hope to marry this girl one day. I am proud to say I love Miss Hermine Leonora Carter-Pryce the greatest mom I am proud to say i love Shocola Pryce, Kayam pryce My little sisters I am proud to say I love Joel, Junior Christopher my Brothers I am proud to say I love Shockeria Saunders with whom i would be a nervous wreck. Love you girl best friend There are many others I cannot name them all but I will try Marc Porter Adrian Allen Renae Robinson Shanika Downer Shantel Downer Jessica Myers Petrina Golding Madon Quest Sasha Gay Burke The list goes on... ... ...