Survivor HvV Results: Was Sandra Deserving or Was Parv Cheated?

May 25, 2010 8:16pm CST
A lot of talk has been circling around the Survivor fan community with regards to the fact that many believe Sandra wasn't really deserving of the title. When i first read the spoilers, I was pretty disappointed too to learn that Sandra took home the Sole Survivor title and the million dollars. I honestly believe that parvati was just as deserving, but Sandra really did make quite a good argument with the jury on why she was more deserving over parvati or Russell. And speaking of Russell, his loss (and zero vote performance) was a no-brainer. He's just not meant to win this game with how he treats the other castaways!! What about you what do you think? I'd like to hear responses on what you think about Sandra's gameplay, because I honestly am starting to believe in her gameplay and that it is something that I am also learning to respect. Discuss and share.
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@Jaluke (679)
• United States
30 May 10
Honestly, I think Parvati is the most robbed person to ever lose a Final tribal. Her game play was brilliant mentally, strategically, and physically. And she had an amazing final tribal. Sandra's final tribal was awful and basically highlighted the fact that she was never able to really do anything she wanted to do. Sandra's win pretty much put a huge dark spot on what was otherwise a great season. I could understand it if Parvati had backstabbed peopled, but she really didn't at all. All of the heroes just decided they were voting on Sandra since Sandra's argument was "I wanted to help you" which I think is completely bogus.
• Philippines
1 Jun 10
I agree. She did play an overall great game, she also defended herself well during the final tribal council. The main problem with that is she was aligned with Russell from the very beginning, which puts her in a bad light. Sometimes, when the jury has preconceived notion about your gameplay, it is so hard to change that and get them to respect your gameplay enough for them to give you the million dollar vote.
@MsTickle (24992)
• Australia
14 Jun 10
I was a bit surprised that Sandra won. Although she showed her mettle when she burnt Russels hat and exposed his weakness...namely, his bald patch. That was a clue to her ruthlessness. It should have been Parvati in my book up till that moment. She played the game hard and was totally immersed whereas Sandra stayed in the background...maybe that strategy is what won her the game though. I just felt Parvati's participation in the trials should have counted for something. The think that really irked me is why was Russell in the final 3??? He should have been voted off just for the fact that he was a lying, manipulative mongrel who disrespected every one of his team mates. I just lurve that he got no votes in the final vote but he still won the $100, that's just wrong.
@allamgirl (2145)
• Philippines
8 Jun 10
i haven't seen the final episode yet so i can't really comment on how sandra won the game. i've never liked sandra. i was actually quite surprised that she was on the cast. but maybe if i listened to her answers to the jury's question, i might like the fact that she won. might being the operative word. between parvati and sandra though, i honestly can't decide who is a more deserving winner. :)