Some people waste money and complain about they got no money

United States
May 26, 2010 3:11pm CST
There is a female co - worker of mine, who is over 45 of her age. She keep on complaining about she doesn't have much money, and she has two kids to look after. But recently, she just done a facial surgery which she spent over $2,000 on it. The end result, she is not pretty, and she is old. I just want to tell her flat out, accept the fact that she is old, and no way she can compete with those younger girls. If she want saving money, keep on saving, and not overspend some fantasy that she goes after.
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
26 May 10
wow, that is just wrong! i have no money but i dont spend hardly anything. i shop at thrift stores, am pretty careful with groceries, etc. that is just nuts for her just to spend that money on just to chase a dream.
• United States
26 May 10
That is completely make no sense. She spend money on expensive facial surgery, and come back whining about no money, no money. That is just Bull.
@sindhusha (180)
• India
6 Jun 10
well we cannot change some people.they are stubborn,doesn't hear to anybody and at the end they keep on complaining.
@ckyera (17261)
• Philippines
6 Jun 10
lol! maybe she said that because she's thinking about her surgery. haha well it annoys me when i hear people complaining about that they don't have money, life is difficult this or that but when you saw them they spend on things that are not really needed. just like one friend of mine, she keeps on saying that she don't have money, that she needs to save for this or that but almost every other week she's spending some for clothes even she still have a lot of it, buying expensive foods etc. well i don't really care if she spend that way but please don't complain. hehe on my part when i say that i don't have money, i really mean it. that's why as much as possible i go along with the budget if not i will suffer or sacrifice something to cover for something.
@ladygator (3469)
• United States
26 May 10
That is just ridiculous! That type of stuff really is off the top. There is no reasons to complain about no money when you can have face lifts. Maybe by no money she means for the butt lift she wanted? I dont believe people when they tell me that have no money. I always see different according to the spending habits.