South Africa 2010, let's speak about football

soccer - The technician of the selected Argentinian Diego Armando Maradona, the brujita Verón and Mess Messi.
@MDG2211 (711)
May 27, 2010 12:21am CST
That needs the selected one to work out champion of world? 1) Good players and this quota of luck 2) Good collective game sustained by the individualites 3) Cuatro fundamental positions in the equipment: 1 archer, 2 defender, 5 or 10 mediocampista and 9 forward, this one is the vertebral column of every great equipment. But this is a soccer people like that not this at all said. In my particular case i am going to speak about the selected argentinian, it has this mediocampista so called Juan Sebastian VerĂ³n is the figure and the commander of this equipment, and the ace of sworas great major Lionel Messi who must demonstrate if it is going to be at a height of the circustancias. That thinks you and the one who is the great figure of the selected one of his country?
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