May 27, 2010 2:45am CST
what happened to bux4cashflow? has anyone received payment from this site? whats the latest news about this site. i thought it was really promising but checking their first upgrades, the biggest one was "rich" which is worth $2.20 per month, you'll have $1.10 per click, about 4-7 ads daily. AND $1+ per referral clicks. 18 max referral. if you calculate it, you can receive $100+ a day?? and payment is instant. but today, they changed everything because there was one payout request thats worth about $100+ within 2 days. they changed the rate per clicks of each upgrades, but still, i think it would change because referral clicks is still worth $1.025 and if you have even 1 referral who clicks 4 a day, thats $4 for you on one day?? has anyone receive payment from this site? and if you have some good info on this site, please share it to mylot. thanks guys.=)
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