how to keep our relations friendly?

@kirthy (387)
May 27, 2010 4:50am CST
hi, how to keep our relations friendly. some are using relations for their needs. how can we deal with this persons.
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@raviudal (260)
• India
28 May 10
ITS very easy .. you just need to thing good about the person
@mtvmtv (600)
• India
27 May 10
Hi, You are right.I have seen many people building and keeping the relations for their own purposes only.They do not think for others.They are really selfish type of people.When we recognize them we must keep distance with them.
@med889 (5958)
27 May 10
A relation is like a baby at first where you have to give everything which it needs like care, attention, need you have to give to the relation, you have to be receptive and a good listener too. One has to know what and when to say something to do not be liable for something we do not want to.
@danoluma (817)
• Kenya
27 May 10
Hi kirthy, it all depends with which type of relationship you are talking about. The fundamental thing is for you to understand the person you are in relationship with and also evaluate if you are really compatible. I you realize he/she is using the relationship for his own needs, just let go and move on before you get hurt for no reason at all.
@yspmyl (3438)
• Malaysia
27 May 10
Hi Kirthy, To maintain a relationship sometime is difficult, but to have a good relationship , both of you have to give and take, do not take some argument too serious until it affect your relationship. You have to be nice to your friends, your partners and if you make them happy, you will definitely happy too. If someone are using relations for their needs, I guess you will be able to notice it after sometime, if you know what the person want, if you can give or maybe you are willing to give, just give it to him/her. I think this will not hurt your relationship but it will help to strengthen your relationship...To make more friend is better than to have an enemy.