Question For The Guys; Do You Use L'Oreal Products On Your Face?

@Janey1966 (24126)
Carlisle, England
May 27, 2010 7:16am CST
The reason I ask this is not to ridicule anyone; I was just wondering. There are so many "guy" adverts on television now for eye roll ons, moisturisers, loads of products for before, during and after shaving your you bother with it all or do you think L'Oreal in particular are talking rubbish? Obviously, I am a gal and have only used one L'Oreal product..a lip gloss which promised much but delivered little, which is why I don't use their products anymore. I do believe that female models have hair extensions, false eyelashes, allsorts so their products cannot do what they say they do, as in making your hair look lush or you get fuller lashes with their mascara. I was just wondering if it was the same for the guys. Do you believe what the likes of L'Oreal say? Personally, I think the only reason they are the market leaders is due to advertising. I'm sure if Clarins and all the other big names were to advertise more on TV they'd get more sales too. What do you think?
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• Philippines
27 May 10
No. I think it's only for women. I only use pond's facial wash.
@Janey1966 (24126)
• Carlisle, England
27 May 10
There are definitely L'Oreal products specially formulated for men..I was just wondering if anyone used them and if they lived up to all the hype that similar products for women do not. Thanks for your input, anyway, it's much appreciated.
• Boston, Massachusetts
29 May 10
Hi Jane, No offense meant but now males are becoming so vain too. so it's not anymore an issue if you are a male or a female to use these products or any beauty prodcuts. the buttomline is we all wanted to look and feel good. commercials about beauty products are not only centered on females but is now gender-sensitive. so, i can just imagine how the beauty product business is getting bigger and increasing their sales as their commercials are really appealing to both sexes. I love l'oreal products too though in our country it's quite expensive. i can also see some of my male frieds using this brand.