four tea spoon not forty spoon

@adequee (204)
May 27, 2010 7:56am CST
"it's four tea spoon of sugar, not forty spoon of sugar!" hahaha what is the diferrence? of course the sound is almost the same if we hear it in our buzy and hectic job day...tell me your experience as a waiter or whatever department in your job area.there's a lot of unimaginable words that sometimes make us laugh after all day's work..
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27 May 10
I was a hairdresser for 47 years so i could tell u alot of tails. One thing that always surprised me was that people could not tell u how they wanted their hair fixed. Many times i did what i thought they were telling me to & when i got through it was nothing like they were trying to tell me but thank heavens they liked it when i got