an autobiography

May 27, 2010 8:32am CST
I find that I am an unknown man. I want myself to be remembered just like most of us. So I plan to write an autobiograpy entitiled" The autobiography of an unknown man" I hope at least a few people will read it by accident if not by choice,just out of curiosity..'"Life of the man is nothing so spectacular but his ideas and the way he looks at the world evens are commendable." This is what I am going to write at the inroduction which I will be writing under another name In order to immortalise my memory even after I am gone from here, I find nothing better than this. What do you think? Will I succeed in case I write a big story of my life out of my own imagination, depicting myself as a great man the world hasnt yet taken note of. Or will it boomerang since I my self will be glorifying me? Will I succeed in hoodwinking the reader and making him believe in my greatness?
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• China
22 Jun 10
You will made it, only if you could last do it. Good luck.
@med889 (5958)
31 May 10
You have to try to see if you are able to make a critic or not, until you try will you know how good you are so I will advise you to start right now to be able to show something very soon though.
• United States
31 May 10
Hi Jose, Typically an autobiography/memoir is based on the writer's real life experiences, not fiction. Also be aware that if you list it as true and people buy it, then later it becomes known as a work of fiction, you can be sued for fraud. However, you can write a book and give it that title, even if it's been used: unless it's been Trademarked, you can find out by searching the title. Many books, songs, works of art have the same name, however be sure that your representation of the book is true. If it's a work of fiction label it as so, I still believe that if you market it properly people will be intrigued and apt to purchase it. I wish you much success on your endeavor.
@Jotomy (6347)
• India
29 May 10
Hi josejyothis, yeah you can write. Nothing wrong in writing. You can succeed, try it and see. All the best.
@tomitomi (5441)
• Singapore
27 May 10
Nothing ventures nothing gain. You wouldn't know till you try... You may just trod on untrodden path.
@Transformed (1262)
• United States
27 May 10
Readers are very tough to get and many writers sometimes take them for granted. For writing an autobiography, the wise writer is advised to think of key events in one's life that have been inspiring or devastating and why. And do not think of it as an exercise in deceiving someone to read the work or writing in some gimmick.
@oldchem1 (8144)
27 May 10
Who knows until you try it. It is certainly a novel idea! (Do you like the pun!!)