How To Catch This Little Big Thief...?????....HELP PLEASE.....

@sagar21 (1583)
May 27, 2010 11:43am CST
Hi friends, I need your help to catch him... I'm staying in a rental house together with my two friends for the purpose of attending a PG course.We have got a new company of two employed gents who shares another room in the house.And among them one a total fraud.I'm telling this because he is stealing money from his roommate and now he dared to steel from us also.But we haven't got a chance to catch him red handed.He so cunning.He behaves and acts normal-he bluff master.. We tried several traps but he always smells it out... One thing we can't complain this to cops since he steals only 5 or 10 bucks at a time..But we are sure he is the burglar.. We have several unanswered questions about his family back relatives.. Is he a kleptomaniac..?Don't know.. Help us to catch him........ Have a great day/night........
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
28 May 10
Hi, sagar21. Try putting a hidden camera in the house. And you can also try to pretend that you are going somewhere. Tell him that.. And when you do this you can try to catch him when he is alone. If you walk in on him, it will make him feel nervous. Just show up out of the blue. Don't inform him that you are coming. Sneak up on him. Hopefully, you can catch this thief. If he is stealing this small amount of money, why don't he just ask you all for it instead of stealing it???
• Philippines
27 May 10
I was a klepto. I was always cautious of everything around me and if someone was watching me. Whenever i felt like there was something funny, i aborted on stealing. Best way to catch a klepto is to actually catch him stealing. He won't be able to bluff his way out of it.
• United States
27 May 10
Why don't you try to hide a video camera? Or a couple of them just in case he finds one, you will have another one taping. Is there a certain time of the day that you know he is there in the house alone? If so, maybe you could put a $10.00 bill on the dresser, and then be back before anyone else and see if it's missing. Only other thing I could think of is get a small safe, and keep your money locked up in it, or at least HIDE your money somewhere. The video would be the best bet though because it would be on film if it's him. Good luck.!