Adptc is scam site!!!!

May 27, 2010 1:19pm CST
Hi friends, it was one of my favourite site, I clicked ads it for more than 1 month without referral. 7th of this month my earning clicked 1$. I requested my payout, but 18 days gone, Instead of giving my payment they deleted my account. I have only one account and i am only person who use my PC and IP. I had no referral. So their is no way to think that i used fake referral. So i am 100% sure i have done anything wrong.I am member of about 11 Paying PTC sites and have no problems their. But adptc admin cheated me. adptc pays only some members, there are lots of complains of payments, but admin deleted some forums stats. After some deprived, i felt myself lucky that i did't investment there. Same thing happened in olebux,omnibux who used this strategy and turned scam.
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