Let us sing together

May 27, 2010 8:36pm CST
The world dance with Gaga, we are charmed by the charming voice of Bieber, the people inspired by the unstoppable growing career of Miley, thats why music is very important to us, whose can live without it, where are we now if this artist didn't exist (I mean all the music artist) every week every day we are dancing, singing and sometimes humming with their music weather it is pop, rock, jazz, classic, rnb and everything. When Michael Jackson died the world reminds his music , of course who will forget his very powerful, very attractive, very unique, very inspiring, voice, moves, albums and also his outfits, thats how we cannot forget the only one king of pop music, although he was gone, the music industry will never die, the music artist will pursue doing wonderful and very inspiring music. "music is the bridge of our heart to any human"
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