To people who gamble online, is there any reason to play at non-US sites?

United States
May 27, 2010 11:52pm CST
I know that online gambling and poker are very popular in USA. I have played a few online casino games myself, although I'm not really that into it. Well, honestly, I try to restrain myself because I could easily see myself getting addicted to it. That being said, I had a thought. I wonder if there would ever be a reason to play at other countries' online casino websites. What I mean is, maybe they offer better deals or something, and I'm sure they probably wouldn't care about getting more customers who want to spend their money there. I was reading about some Swedish casinos ( ) when I got this idea. I'm half Swedish (my mother's side) so I'm pretty proficient in Swedish and was able to make sense of most of that, but I'm really wondering, since the internet is essentially the gateway to the world, is there any reason to restrict yourself to playing in US casinos? Hope I explained myself well. Thanks!
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