democracy and social justice

May 28, 2010 5:09am CST
Out of all the forms of government democracy has been found the most stable and acceptable. This is because the governed and the governing are the same at least in theory. In any case the people have the final say. If it goes wrong they can blame only themselves. The Maoist threat looms large over India now. Why does such a movement find a place in the country after more than half a century of democratic rule? Were the aspirations of a section of the people neglected? Or is it a movement deliberately launched by some enemies of this nation to weaken the country? Even growth, to some extent atleast, is a must for the success of a democratic form of government. Often it happens that the poor and the weaker sections continue to remain so. They are provided with subsidised ration, a few subsidies,concessions etc but these do not raise them up on par with the rest of the society. The privileged sections of the society are capable of taking advantages of the new opportunities thrown open in a growing economy . This is not the case of the marginalised sections of society who are ill equipped for the purpose. Lack education,awareness and poverty,lack of opportunities in their remote areas keep them separated from the developement taking place in the country. Yet taking up arms is not required in a democracy for the reddressal of their grievances. Democracy leaves room for all. Here the people who run the system have to take the blame for this. They should have represented all sections of society and not just a part of it, on the basis of caste,creed,influence etc. The fault lies with the so called politicians who failed in rising to the aspirations of the people whom they represent. It is not to be blamed on the form of government called democracy. People must know how to run a democracy successfully. Where was the government machinery until Maoists formed an army running into thousands and equipped them with arms? Probably administration was not even aware of what was going on in those parts of the country where the Maoist gained strength. The Maoists with an ideology applicable to the whole world, just exploited the backwarness of the people. When they had established themselves as a force to be reckoned with,they started threatening the villagers who did not tow their line.It is the usual story rebels follow everywhere. It is an internal security threat to India.The PM said it is the gravest one India is facing. I think it is not just an internal security threat from within India alone. It has connections outside India as well. An ideology the world has almost rejected is brought forward again. The time for introspection has come for all the political leaders.Why here and now it happens?
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