The Opposite of Love....

United States
May 28, 2010 3:55pm CST
I was having a discussion about love and break-ups and it came to a debate whether hate or indifference is the opposite of love. Most of us have heard that hate is the opposite of love or that there is a thin line between the two. Once you love someone, it can be easy to hate them (or at least that is the argument)when things go sour between you. However, if you love someone, you put your entire all into the relationship and into them. When you've given all that you have and get nothing in return or things don't go according to what you want, you are left with nothing but indifference to the situation. Which argument do you think is correct? Which have you experienced?
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
22 Mar 11
Indifference... I looked and I could not believe that is you ... right in my face. Been a while since the last time I said "good." Statues and look at me with eyes sparkling with the same smile that I always banish sorrow from the soul, however strong it was. You were the same ... but I'm a totally different person. I managed to draw a smile and say hello. I looked into further, sipping from my eyes for years as had passed in which our eyes are not even for a second meeting. But have you stopped smiling. Only eyes that shine for a moment before ... now they drowned in sorrow, retention, curiosity. "You're away from me. Why?". I watched in awe, blocked. "Indifference. Keyword familiar? Remember when I said: You know ... one day I'll lose. Indifference hurts. ... And you're showing you to remain silent and indifferent to me then." You're stuck. You watched me, then you've looked moved into the ground. "I did not. But you have forced me to do this thing." , "Sorry. Honest," "Good. And I," "Seriously. Please forgive me ... well I've changed ... and ... something ... I miss you. I miss your smile, by your laughter, your eyes that radiate happiness, your childhood, your way of being and how you manage to make people smile. ". Initially I thought again trying to deceive me and make me get back to you. But it was not so. You could read the face regrets. You sat beside me on the bench. Do not know what to do. For 5 minutes inside my place as a fight, you sat next to me quietly, patiently waiting for my answer. "Yes," "Yeah ... I mean what gives?" , "Yes I accept us back together. But promise me you will not make me never suffer because of your indifference." And you promised ... and now? Now what? Forgot. Forget everything. And again, I beat your indifference ...
@allamgirl (2145)
• Philippines
29 May 10
well, i don't think that hate is the total opposite of love. for me, when you don't love someone, you don't feel anything for that person. no care, no anger, when you think of him, it would feel nothing. it's as if you don't even know that person exists. and when you hate, you still feel something for that person, so you still think of him. as oppose to indifference. i think when you're indifferent to a person, you somehow don't feel anything for that person. you couldn't care any less what he does with his life. i do believe that there is a thin lone between love and hate. like when a newly broke-up couple hate each other. most of the times, they end up hating each other intensely, but deep inside, they probably hate each other because they still love or at least care for each other, they're just not together. that's why they hate each other.
• United States
28 May 10
If you land at the point in which you have given it your all and the other person could take it or leave it, then time to walk. Love, hate or just raw emotion in a relation is grounds for both parties to participate. One sided always equals bad news. I would say if the situation becomes one side the person fighting for a solution should get a chance to walk away for a while. This would hopefully allow the other person to reflect the lose.