Will you leave the company if your department manager treats you very rigid?

May 28, 2010 8:49pm CST
As a new employee who graduate from university just now,I always have a feeling of awfulness to the bosses or managers.My first manager who is also my boss is a strict man,he always push the employees heavy pressure and often talked with us in a rigid tone.Just two months later,I left that company and was employed by the present company whose owner is a very merciful and respectable man.I was assigned to the sales department as a customer maintainer and my line manager is a older single young woman.At the beginning,I consider her a responsible and precise manager. Hoping learn much special knowledge from her,I always talkes with her and I feel she was cultured and considerate.This feeling in my heart lasted for a long time until one day my colleague asked me that whether the manager said her bad words behind her back.At that time, I was not willing to stimulate contradiction in the same office although the woman manager often say bad words about my colleagues.But when I know the truth that the manager also say me bad words in front of my colleagues and they have considered me as a bad girl.How ugly the woman manager was!Finally,I know double-dealing is her trul color. Now I learn from her how to become a double-dealing person.She is more and more abnormal,she is even jealous others who is payed more,even though her salary is the highest one in our company.I can not stand her any more,what should I do?
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