Marvel Universe: Which character from Marvel would you like to be their symbol?

May 29, 2010 2:07am CST
If DC Universe has Superman as its symbol and popular figure, who do you think should be in Marvel? In my part, I would go with Wolverine but I don't know why Marvel go for Captain America.. Is it because of his name and costume that represents the US?
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• Malaysia
5 Jun 10
i've been a Marvel fan ever since my comic collecting days.. (i still have quite a number of special edition comics though ). Marvel's representation is kind of mixed as they have so many icons. but there is a distinct tie between Spiderman and Wolverine for the longest of times. Captain America is the symbol of the Avengers, and is made into a kind of 'Marvel's version of Batman', because he has no powers and chooses justice & the truth above all else.. so, i'd say that Marvel's symbol is either Wolverine, or Spiderman
• Philippines
5 Jun 10
I couldn't agree more, either of the two would be great to be the symbol of marvel universe.