do you have a portable hard drives and is it a good one?

United States
May 29, 2010 3:37am CST
I'm trying to same money to get a portable hard drives but i want more for my money i want to know if how long have you had yours and how much gb you have and how much was it and were did you get yours and do you like it or not i want to get the 320GB for like 59.99 at best buy but i want to see others and hear about others any help will be great. :)
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@crackx (628)
• Belgium
29 May 10
I have got a portable hard drive, even though it has a smaller amount of GB, but it actually only works well if you have a quite new computer. Such as my computer hasn't got a good enough USB-Station for when I put him in, if it takes to long, the portable hard drive just goes away from the other drives, cause my computer can't handle it. But for the times it did work well, I'm quite happy with it, cause you have a lot of files, yet a fast computer. It will definetly help a lot if you would get the 320GB, since it is actually really cheap in my opinion. Hope this helped you.
• United States
29 May 10
thank you that dose help me.