How To Get Payout From Palmbux ??

@awapak (1277)
May 29, 2010 10:44am CST
Hi all readers,I have reached min payout of this site i.e $2.00 but I can not click the given space to apply for it.Their page also says I am not verified.What is the procedure of its verification if it is necessary?Can any one help me in solving this problem?Is it also a scam just trying to delay my payment?Thanks in anticipation........
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• Philippines
29 May 10
Just keep on trying, it also happened to me but after several attempts finally they took me to the cash out page and I got my payment right after.
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@awapak (1277)
• Pakistan
29 May 10
Thanks for responding and sharing your nice views.Yes,I will try, try again as before.I think the Palmbux admin should look for this bug......Other good sites do not have such problems.