What would you like to be.........IF REBIRTH?????

May 29, 2010 1:38pm CST
Though it sounds to be a funny and rarely rarely possible question. But I could not help myself from sharing this question As it had brought me in trouble. The question is WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE{if possible mention that personality} IF YOU GET A CHANCE OF REBIRTH? I would like to be MJ AND MG { i.e MICHAEL JACKSON and MAHATMA GANDHI } I will wait for your good reply.
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• United States
30 May 10
If I can be reborn, I want to come back as a dog, so I can bite the people in the A$$ that were all bad to me, plus that way when they say I was a BI@@@ I can prove them right. Or if I come back as a male dog, I can pee on there leg, and on there car tires.
• India
29 May 10
Though I dont believe in rebirth but if it happens then I would like to be either Neil Armstrong and create another history by being first man to reach another planet or even Sun... . If this is not possible then I would love to be myself . I would love to live my life one more time.. And I am sure it will be worth.