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May 29, 2010 7:48pm CST
My son is 8 years old now and we still do not have a diagnosis. People can hardley understand what he is saying. His 1st grade teacher didnt want to send him to second grade but she did. Has anyone else had a child with apraxia that can lead me in the right direction to get him the help he needs I am just lost
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30 May 10
I dont know what apraxia is but my little sister had a toungue tie. Which is where the flap of skin that hold your toungue to the bottom of your mouth is too long and it goes almost to your teeth.. it messes up your speech.. Does he have something like this? my dad had it and so does my daughter... All they did for my dad and my sister was a quick snip and poof gone... I am planning to have the same done with my daughter... but if this is the problem let me warn you.. that trying to find a doctor that will do this procedure is really hard because they would rather send the kids to speech therapy because more money is made that way... but my parents got lucky and went to an older man doctor that recommeneded them to a doctor that would clip her toungue