do you ever think of the right choices too late?

@skaterx (530)
May 30, 2010 8:20am CST
Life's easier to work out in retrospect. I always get into the dilemma of mulling over decisions. But if i make the wrong choice, i mull over again about making the wrong decision. If i don't mull enough over the original decision i make the wrong decision (when there's alot of factors involved). What would be a good way to make myself feel better no matter whether I make a wrong or right decision? I am human ofcourse. Just that I feel i did poorly if I have a vague notion it was wrong and I do it anyway under pressure. Nothing morally bad, but just short changing myself most of the time.
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• Philippines
30 May 10
I do that too sometimes. When i make a decision i think of how it should have been when i took the other one. I realized that it's not worth it doing it cuz it won't make any difference worrying about it. I just stick with what i've decided and that's that.
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@rosie230 (1674)
30 May 10
Yes I have also made the wrong decisions with certain things... one was one of the most important that I should have made, and I made the wrong one, so now I have to live with the way that things are
@skaterx (530)
• Finland
31 May 10
Some small things I do let slide or eventually forget about it. But actually the major decisions in my life have been pretty good apart from the pain that it brought. We can't view the wider picture until the end of our life, so its hard to know whats right in the long run, but just have to look wide enough to make sure its ok with u. I hope to find a good bf or life partner in the future. had some bad ones, but we all live and learn!