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May 30, 2010 6:46pm CST
Ok for all of u who saw the finale, u have to agree it was amazing!!! Mostly everyone looks so good! Like Sam... he is HOT!!!! now! And im so surpprised that michael won... and that he looks so GOOOOD!!! I'm so happy for him!!! So guys i was wondering... who's ur fave contestent(personality) and who do u think looks the best!?!? If i get 20 replies, ill tell u wat my answers are!!! Have fun!:)
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31 May 10
Some people say that voting is rigged. It's a shame that Daris was chosen over Koli, because Koli has the capacity and the ability to lose more weight than Daris. By voting for Daris, the world threw the championship to Michael. Michael looks okay but Koli looks super skinny, almost unhealthy skinny! I think that Koli deserved to win The Biggest Loser because he had the higher body percentage of weight loss. The Final Four should not have an elimination, as that was not fair for Koli who worked hard to get to where he was. 53% body weight loss is a staggering number. My favorite people at the ranch were: Sam, Uncle O'Neil, and then Koli(even though he was a little bit cocky)
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• Onaway, Michigan
1 Jun 10
I have to say they all looked good. I was so happy for Daris when they showed him and he said he has a girlfriend and it showed her. He is so hot now. It was hard for me to choose between who I wanted to win but Michael was one of the ones I wanted to win.