Which present shoud I give to my little daughter on the children's day tomorrow?

@ann101 (519)
May 30, 2010 10:10pm CST
Tomorrow is children's day.Which present should I give to daughter about two years and a half?I have not give her any present in the last two years because I have thought she was so young to understand what IS present.Now she can express her willings in simple words and say no to the unlike things.So this is the first real children's day to her.Do not tell me to ask her what present she likes.She has not learn enough words to do this,if you ask,she would always tell you she want wahaha(a brand of yoghurt)and milk,then if you continue to ask,she would say strawberry,apple,watermelon and so on.
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@nanayangel (7862)
• Philippines
31 May 10
Hi there Ann 101! Well, I would suggest an educational toy. I think that in you daughter's age, she could only appreciate toys.
@ann101 (519)
• China
1 Jun 10
It is a good idea,I will give her an educational toy or take her to climb the little mountain in our town.Maybe the latter is better,she has got many toys but has not climb mountain before.If she doesn't like climbing then I will choose a toy to her.