How many Moves?

May 31, 2010 3:04am CST
I am in begining stage. I usally done 100 to 110 moves to win. Can anyone tell to win short moves... Thanks in Advance:-)
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• United States
31 May 10
Wow thats a lot of moves. I rarely have games go over 50 moves. Most of my games end in the 30s whether I win or lose. I understand beginners taking a while to be able to find a checkmate, but are you also playing against beginners or an easy computer? You really should try playing against people way better than you or a challenging computer and learn from what they do. Losing is a big part of learning strategy other than reading books.
• Canada
24 Oct 10
That's right. 100 moves is a lot. I think what this means is that somebody is going easy on you, or that you are having trouble finding a win. Try spending more time to find wins, as, normally, as antarcticpostcards said, games don't go over even just 50 moves.
@louievill (19980)
• Philippines
28 Dec 10
The number of moves you can beat an opponent really depends on the position you reach, if you can get material advantage right away and your opponent resigns then it will be a quick game, it will take more moves if you reach an end game. Novices or beginners usually take more moves because they do not give up right away even in a losing position because both are hoping that the other will commit a simple mistake whereas experts, when they reach a certain position can already predict the outcome thats why the one with the inferior position resigns right away resulting in shorter moves.
• India
24 Oct 10
Well yathini You cannot judge the number of moves to won the game before the game begin.But the only simple move to won the game quickly is 4 step game yes you can won the game in 4 steps .But well known players will judge this move very easily .You can use this tricks to play with novice.However to won the game quickly is totally depend upon you and your opponent .SO keep on do practice .Because there are lot of things to learn in chess .Once your capable of analyzing all the opening you will come to know how the game will get end then you can won the game easily and quickly.
@GeoBro (13)
20 Jul 10
Hi There, I hope you're still playing - and enjoying - your chess. I have been playing for over 40 years (and I'm still not very good!) and I believe that there are many and varied ways that you can both approach and enjoy the game. If you just want to win for instance, buy a cheap chess computer - or computer program - set it at the most basic level and you'll soon rack up a high number of victories. Alternatively, join a chess club and learn to play the game on all of its levels. A good chess club will be both welcoming and fun and will enable you to play games at several different levels. If time and access is a problem for you, you could do worse than join one of the online chess 'clubs' and play with others online. I'm a member at a site called Stansco ( and I'd recommend you taking a look at this site for your next match. I have played hundreds of games on the site and it really helps to hone your skills whilst enabling you to play at your own pace. Well there you go, a few ideas for you. I hope this has helped and who knows, maybe we'll play a game together someday on Stan's. :-) Best wishes GeoBro
• Philippines
3 Jun 10
When you want to win fast youd want to make your opponent lose material. Even if its just a pawn or two it gives you a more likely chance to win. After winning pawns trade pieces with your opponent until what remains are just king and your pawns. To shorten the king hunt you have to think for a few minutes about the most effective moves. It is very effective to think a lot during the game because ideas come flowing and the ability to detect the opponents plan will become apparent thus enabling the player to prepare for any imminent attack. Another technique normally from martial arts is to be able to attack while provoking the opponent to make mistakes.