ok tell me did I offend anyone. MyLot?

United States
May 31, 2010 10:13am CST
Ok tell me did I offend anyone with something say? Did I say something wrong in the combat of verbal play?. Whats up X whats up Rose. What happened in the forum where everything goes? Did my nephew Brenen have a coniption or within guidelines, did you too suffer a deletion? Did I use the diction? Did comments on Politics, Sports or Religion rumb you the wrong way? What happened on Mylot , the market of free say? You cant say I am or Im not. Many ways to cook or be cooked in a pot. Life can be traced to proper Timing and balance alot You to tend to give what you give to get what you got. Your voice is cool , attitude on spot. Keep on happening for me the Mighty MyLot. Bring your friendship back and again never run away bring your friendship though my voice has nothing to say
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