to me enjoy life is to go to the movie theatre frequently

United States
May 31, 2010 11:29am CST
Ok you can ask my free advice as what movie to see and what is my rating. If you like war movies , then go to see The Greene Zone with Matt Demon. This movie was filmed in Iraq a country that is torn by civil war and every body killing every body by the name of Allah. I don't think that God wrote in any Bible that people should sloughter each other using his name. Back to this movie. Matt was American soldier which was sent to Bagdad to look for Weapon of mass destraction. It's based on a real story and I am not going to tell you more, other wise you have to send me $10 LOL then I can tell you the entire story at that time you don't have to go to the theatre or rent it on DVD. My rating *****(five stars)
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