are you sure woman is better than man? or man is better than woman???

June 1, 2010 4:11am CST have to think about it..for me woman are not better, because they are so don't have stable emotion....and not born to be leader...and so many problem was created by a woman than a man...and for man, you have to take care rest of woman... do you see the great achievement of a woman??yes but..not everlasting..short period only...they must have supporter to live on..."man" this is my i not hate a woman out there...and i love them all//.. so? how about you guys out there?? as i need your opinion...
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• South Korea
1 Jun 10
As a woman I believe that man has natural superioty over woman thats all...but i dont think there is such thing as man are better than woman or women are better than woman... Coz We Both have our specialities.. advantages and disavantage....AND WE ARE CREATED TO COMPLETE EACH OTHER... you are saying that woman are emotional... well i think man too... and achievement of woman? well youll never know theres still a lot of time... but how about this one? dont you notice that woman live longer than man....:p But anyway lets always remember that GOD created us with characters that only woman and only man can have:)
• Malaysia
1 Jun 10
about a woman that live longer than man??...i know that... maybe the woman always crying a lot..ahehe yea...god created us with character that only woman and only man can,,can i have you??... :P