Try and try until you succeed

June 1, 2010 10:54am CST
a common but true because if you try it again and again there's a big possibility that you will get what you want
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• Philippines
6 Jun 10
hi friend.. this saying is one of my former boss way to succsses tip and she posted it in our board where most of our seminars took place..and everytime i joined i always read this words and yes it keeps me going..( i am a former sales agent).selling is a hard type of job specially life insurance and those days that im into it life insurance industry was so low cos of what happened to one well known company of educational plan ..( the company closed cos of economic crisis)so what do you expect from people who were having plans from that company..a negative effect took place to all the company that selling life insurance and i am so much affected too cos selling insurance is only my bread and butter that time..but evrytime i read these words a sudden transformation in my self took place, i feel i can talk to anybody even the president of my country to sell my products.. see?.. what a phrase!
@kharlav (1672)
• Philippines
1 Jun 10
Yes, I believe that. Pursuit will always gets you somewhere, maybe near your goal or directly at your goal. I say near because there are just instances that you cant stop/prevent no matter how much you try. For example, working hard to be at the top, but sometimes you won't get the top, but maybe just near the top.
@saphrina (31739)
• South Africa
1 Jun 10
I agree, never give up. Just keep on trying, you will get what you want, eventually. TATA.