smoking...injurious or healthful?

June 1, 2010 12:28pm CST
I hav never smoke till now. i m asking this question dat wat people get by smoking? Is they feel good or relaxed coz now adays there r many others things in order to feel good or relaxed. WHY..WHY..people choose only d ciagrattes to overcome wid their problems. even they are aware of the fact dat smoking is not good for health & smoking will really shows its bad impact in their later life.
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@webzap (885)
• Philippines
2 Jun 10
It's good you don't smoke. I suggest not to try because when you tried once, you will try it the second time, and then on and on and on. I smoke before, one pack a day, and then I realized I am having problems with my health. I started to quit but I was not successful at first. It took me ages before i could stop it with a PERIOD.
• India
2 Jun 10
Dear webzap feels good abt u dat u r able to leave this bad habit. As ciagrattes taste awful. so wen u took for the first time u came to knw abt its bad taste than dear wat makes u to took it 4 second chance because mainly wen we go for something & it did not taste well than we never go for dat thing again. So wat force u or presurised u to took it for another chance. SORRY may be i m hurting u by recalling ur bad past memories of smoking....
@Soleil05 (136)
• United States
1 Jun 10
I think people smoke to release stress or just out of boredom.. it's something to do :) It tastes awful at first and makes you feel bad but as your body gets used to it they taste better and then they smoke more than they should :) It really is a bad thing and unhealthy...
• India
2 Jun 10
Hey Soleil, i think dat smokers has made this line "Smoking is a way to release 4m stress & boredom" in order to save themselves coz they don't accept dat they r doing a nuisance activity affecting not only themselves but also d peoples around them.