Who's your favorite author? Describe the last book you read by that author.

United States
June 1, 2010 1:33pm CST
My favorite author would have to be Danielle Steel. I enjoy reading her books because they are all epic and timeless and they all tell a story I could easily relate to and imagine. After all, don't we all want a bit of romance in our lives? The last book I read by her was Zoya. I absolutely loved this book. Sadly, I read it in March, and I haven't read a book since=/ Guess I should feel guilty, but it gets harder to find time to read when your not in school anymore=) I'm sure we can all relate to that. Zoya took place in Russia during their revolution, when the last Czar was killed, along with his entire family. Normally, books about the Russian revolution follow one of his children and nieces, the victims to the rebels. This time, Danielle Steel chose to follow the distant cousin of Anastasia, because she managed to escape. Many of the Russians went to France, where they became poor beggars, working menial jobs to put food in their mouths after being royalty in Russia. Zoya escaped with her grandmother after having seen her brother die along with the rest of her family, and seeing her mother jump off a burning building. She went to France and supported herself as a ballet dancer, barely earning a living for her and her grandmother. Many people fell in and out of love with Zoya. At the Ballet Russe she met a soldier, and married him. They fell in love. Her grandmother forbade it, and he left for a while. Zoya's grandmother died, and the soldier came back for her, took her to America, and married her. He was wealthy during the Roaring Twenties, and together they had 2 kids, a boy and a girl. The boy was very well behaved and sweet as a pie, but the girl was so spoiled with no discipline. When the market crashed, the soldier got a heart attack and died after he found out they lost everything in the market. She was forced to sell everything and go live in a small apartment, earning a living as a burlesque dancer because that was the only job available. She would leave her son at home at night to look after the sister. But when the apartment building caught fire, Zoya quit her job and found a job as a cashier, like at Macy's. It paid her good, and she moved into a better area for her kids. Afterwords, she because the assistant manager of the store from her knowledge of fashion in Russia. She began to travel the world, buying the latest fashions with hr boss, and met a man there. They fell in love and got married, having another son. Meanwhile, the daughter was out of control and World War Two was starting up. Her son and husband left to join the service. Her daughter also left, for she was 18. Her 2nd husband died, and her son returned safely, having gotten married. Zoya had opened her won department store, and was a successful entrepreneur. Her daughter also died, and left Zoya a baby. Her daughter had been partying out of control and died in a DUI accident. She raised her granddaughter along with her son's daughter, and in the end, decided to visit Russia again with her family, to show them where all her story time stories had taken place. This book truly touched my heart, because Zoya was so strong throughout her journey in life, an she had probably done things that it would take another person 5 lifetimes to do. It truly touched my heart, and I recommend it to all of you out there, drama readers and comic book readers alike=)
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