dogs & cats

@edlene (48)
June 2, 2010 12:13am CST
what do you prefer? a dog or a cat? for me its both because god also create them to be loved.... but if i have to pick one, i'd rather choose a dog... i love dog specially their hair and they helps a lot to us... so my friend what do you prefer? a dog or a cat?
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@maximax8 (28547)
• United Kingdom
2 Jun 10
I had cats in my childhood and I loved them all. However when I was sixteen years I found out I was allergic to cat fur. I was fine when I was living in the halls of residence at the college. When I came home all I did was sneeze. I always wanted to get a dog and finally managed to do so when I got into my thirties. I bought a miniature poodle that is white with black patches. I called him Secret. Then a couple of years later I bought another miniature poodle. She is black. I called her Magic. Their fur doesn't moult so they are fine for my allergies. When the dog groomer comes I sneeze a plenty. I miss cats. I love both cats and dogs.
@setsuna26 (2410)
• Philippines
2 Jun 10
Most guys might say they preffer dogs over cats but with me i preffer cats. I like the way cats communicate with their owner they are so sweet and just so adorable.Maybe its a case to case basis i mean someone might like cats and dont like dogs. But i think may it be cats or dogs both are great companions and so good to be with all the time too. Thanks for sharing your opinion and have a great day ahead of you