How Do I Get My Child To Stop Using A Pacifier?? Help

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November 16, 2006 2:36pm CST
My daughter is almost three and I can't get her to give up her pacifier. I've tried everything. Please Help!!!
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@crofter9 (150)
16 Nov 06
When my friends child refused to give up his, She took him to see some sick children and he left it behind because they needed it to get better. She did not realy leave it behind but it was well hidden. He did ask for it on a few occasions but she just reminded him that it was making the sick children better and he was OK with that.
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16 Nov 06
That's a great idea. I'll have to try that. Thank you
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@cjthedog64 (1553)
• United States
8 Feb 07
Our friend's son was 3 and still very attached. With the parent's permission, my DH told the boy that he'd get him a pet turtle, in exchange for the pacifier. Kid liked the idea and handed it over when we got the turtle. DH gave it to the mom to put away for just in case he needed it back, and he never did. He thought it was a fair trade, and meant that he was a big kid in someone else's eyes than just mom & dad.