Headlight flashing can make people happy. How is it done?

June 3, 2010 5:28am CST
Flashing people (other motorists) with the headlight may give two interpretations on the motorist that receives the flashing. The first interpretation is the headlight flash is to give him the way. the second interpretation is the flasher uses it to request for his way.The latter interpretation is quite misleading and it can cause both motorists to take the way. What would happen to them if this happens? There would be a nose-to-nose collision there. Headlight flashing should be used for only one function i.e. to give way to the other motorist. Headflashing means "you first", not "I first." Headlight flashing is best done (demonstrated) when you are driving on a single lane road with heavy traffic. There is also a long and unbroken queue of oncoming motorists. An oncoming motorist wants to make a right turn in front of you. This motorist signals to the right. You may notice that motorists in front of you would not give the motorist the headlight flash to allow him to make the right turn. Due to this, an oncoming traffic jam is created behind that deprived motorist. so when you come to the point, it is your chance to show your courtesy by giving him the headlight flash. You can imagine how happy the motorist would be and you would see his hand waving at you with a smiling face or showing you a thumb up for your deed. Isn't this headlight flashing a kind of good deed to make people happy? would you do this to a motorist in front of you who is making a right turn? When i did this (and I'm doing it almost everyday), I felt the happinness too and i believe in God so that God bless me for doing this on the road.This deed had become contagious in my area. I can see other motorists are doing the same. I could only say to these people "May God bless you".
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@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
4 Jun 10
The only reason I’ve had lights flashed at me while driving has been to warn me of a speed trap ahead or traffic police. It has saved me getting a fine when I received a warning to slow down! In Australia we just gesture to each other when we want to give way etc; I haven’t seen too many people using their lights for that.
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@savak03 (6676)
• United States
3 Jun 10
In our country there are many reasons for flashing your headlights. Most of them are to signal the other driver things he may not be aware of. The most rewarding in receiving appreciation is when you flash your lights after a tractor trailer has passed you so he will know it is safe to get back in line. Truckers will also tell you that it would help if you flashed your lights when you were going to pass them so they could be watching for you. The thing is that when you get beside one of those big rigs they have no way to see you there. Another common use for flashing headlights here is when the car approaching you has his bright lights on. It is common courtesy and may even be a law that you must dim your light when approaching oncoming traffic. Unfortunately some people forget they have their brights on, and then some just have no intention of dimming their lights.
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