"drinking poison when one wants to have milk..."

June 3, 2010 10:37am CST
"Obsession is brought on by need or belief that person may need something in order to feel complete or be able to function normally". If a person told you that he doesn't like you and you're still trying to pursue, is that love or obsession? Love and obsession is different but some are confused with it. Some people have simple obsession that doesn't cause any harm. Others may be dangerous because they are obsessed with other people. Are you obsess with something? What is the cause of your obsessions?
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• Philippines
3 Jun 10
if one pursues another despite rejection, that may be a strong emotion, not necessarily an obsession. when one gets gratification from someone or something, they can build obsessive tendencies. they become attached to the person or things, it being their stimulus. it is obsession when one cannot function well without their obsession. there is an unreasonable urge to satisfy their want. in others case, they pursue the person to the point that they do something just to have what they want, not considering the consequences.