June 3, 2010 11:21am CST
japan country is prosperous and safe country.it s because japanese people have a very high discipline.i want to come a second time to get there ^_^ how about you ?
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@sira12 (1)
• Malaysia
14 Jun 11
I do agree with you Haryonita. How I wish that I could go back to Japan to visit my foster family there as well as my friends.
@sumocuk (32)
• Turkey
13 Dec 10
I want to go to Japan too...and I want to learn Japanese, I know just a few words. Japan and Japan culture fascinates me.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
13 Dec 10
yes they are very disciplinated, amazingly, they take responsability for their action and society expects it from individuals i'm not much like that, i'm a foreinger but i learned to be more disiplinated as i lived here half of my life
• Japan
22 Jun 10
I'm from japan:) yes,japanese people have very high discipline,great customer service and also clean surrounding. Japanese language is very easy to learn and there's a lot of great place to go. Like Shinto Shrine, Kamakura, Tokyo Tower and more. I like the Sakura festival which known Cherry Blossom Festival and also Bon Oduri it's really fun:)
@Baluyadav (3644)
• India
3 Jun 10
hi,har,this is well known all over the globe....In many country's people are used to discuss about discipline..and quote that word when ever situation comes...
@am4peace (92)
• Malaysia
3 Jun 10
i never been there,,,and i hope so...to learn japanese language and culture..ahehe.. and every place have a prons and cons, ying and yang....so....prefer at your choice...me too...