eye wrinkles at 18??? help!?!

June 3, 2010 1:08pm CST
i have big creases of wrinkles under my eyes and they're kind of a bluey black colour with a little bag coming through its making me look about 50 years old and i'm really down about it. last year i had gorgeous skin now its gone to hell and i look about 50 what do you suggest i do, is there anyway to cure everything forever
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@schulzie (4064)
• United States
3 Jun 10
That is very young to be having bags and wrinkles! But make sure you are getting enough sleep and that you are drinking enough water every day. Also, limit exposure to the sun too and when you do go out make sure to put on sunscreen. If that doesn't help I would go see your doctor or dermatologist. I hope everything works out for you. Have a great day and happy myLotting!!!
3 Jun 10
hey I never go out in the sun, I hate it. but I don't sleep or drink water would that get rid of it permanately? I have never met someone who see's a dermotologist and I don't even know where one is!!
@rosie230 (1674)
3 Jun 10
18 is very young to be getting creases round your eyes... but could it possibly be because you may be tired? Are you getting enough sleep, as that does cause those kinds of creases. Alternatively you could have a look a round for some eye cream, you can get some that helps smoothen your skin around yours eyes, and also makes your eyes like brighter. Have a look online and see what is avaliable. Don't be down about it though, if they are really getting to you, do what I do, think of them as laughter lines.
3 Jun 10
hey thanks for the feedback, I barely sleep and have insomnia but if I started sleeping would that get rid of them completely? and I've heard dermotologists say that eye cream is bad for your eyes, I don't think thats completely true but I'm too scared of the risk. and yeah laughter lines that makes me feel better :P