What Do You Think About Fake Coughers?

June 3, 2010 7:38pm CST
What do you think about fake coughers? I find it really annoying when stumbling upon people who would fake a cough whenever they are around you, deliberately on act to show their passive aggression of hatred perhaps due to your race, religion and everything else that you might believe in, as well as to some degree possibly due to jealousy because you have just been promoted. I found that these people are in great numbers in my place of work. I am really confused, baffled - why are they doing this? What could have gone wrong with me? To the best of my knowledge, I haven't done anything wrong and I would judge myself as being a decent guy, quite and reserve, prefer not mingle into other people's business, and to stay out trouble. I have a number of friends and they do not cough when in my company. Not all people are coughing in my presence. Am I being paranoid? I am thinking of leaving my current job and transferring to an entire new town and start afresh. I really need your opinion or advice on this. I would appreciate any response.
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@LotRowena (159)
• Philippines
4 Jun 10
This is something ridiculous. It maybe one of the hardest decision to make. You are planning to leave your present job because of the untoward attitude of your co-employees. IT sound like there is something wrong with you, reason why they are doing this fake cough. As for me, I am going to confront these people, why they are doing such nasty thing to me when I am in good faith that I am doing nothing wrong to them. I will tell them that their way of fake coughing at me affects me so they better tell me why. About leaving the company, I won't do that because of them, because that would only prove that you are a looser. Better yet, I am going to report them to the proper authorities if they don't stop these nasty things. In the end, if after all the efforts to correct this mistakes is not enough, then leave, it is no use to work, deal and/or mingle with nasty people, they should not affect your growth as a whole.
• Malaysia
4 Jun 10
Thank you friend. I will indeed try to adhere to what you have advised, to stay put and not to concede. I am not a loser. Thanks again....
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
4 Jun 10
I have known a lot of people throughout my life who like to fake coughing. I think that they think they are being humorous and entertaining. When they really do need to cough, no one will pay attention. They have cried wolf too many times. People who fake coughs are mostly doing it for the attention they need. They need to save the coughing for when it is necessary.