What do you think about God?

@wbm777 (18)
June 4, 2010 1:26am CST
I think God is the best in my life,I'm going to make a long story shot,I used to have a major depression problem,tried to kill myself more than 3 times.I used to be weak,afraid all the time,even if I were in a party or other activities,i felt lonely.No one couldn't help me,not my parent,or psychologists,friends or pills.One day I decide it was time to talk to God,I went in my knees and say,"God,I know I'm not perfect,and also know that I haven't being the best child of yours,but please help me in this exact moment,and also let me speak English without difficult(I couldn't speak English by the time,and that was one of the biggest causes of my depression) help me please,I do not want to kill myself for this,amen".From there my life change in a wonderful way,every one at school was"I thought he didn't know English"everyone was pointing at me and gossip around,because i was always in silent,but now I were talking and talking like a machine,i couldn't stop,i was so happy,and still.I do not know why people says God doesn't exist,He is there,and he responds to question and petitions...I;m not trying to preach or nothing like that,I just want to know...What do you think about God?
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• Canada
4 Jun 10
I think attributing your success to a God can only hurt you. You managed to turn your life around on your own, and that is astounding and you should be very proud of yourself. It was the act of you getting that off your chest and believing you could now have the strength to overcome your depression and feel more comfortable speaking English that allowed you to do so. Don't attribute your own strength to an imaginary friend - you did all the work, and you deserve the credit. I hope you continue to take care of yourself and do well.